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Your trusted resource for evidence-based, scientific research and credible health information. Founded in 2014 by Hilton Hudson, MD, a Chicago-based cardiothoracic surgeon and entrepreneur, EMIC brings innovative new products, research, technology and wellness solutions to the healthcare and corporate wellness industries.

"With EmicHealth, we are striving to provide trusted, tested, evidenced-based medical information and products that can enable people to live better, safer and longer lives. That will continue to be the core focus of this company and the common denominator among all the different products we offer." --Hilton Hudson, MD, FACS, Founder & President of EMIC Chief of Cardiac & Thoracic Surgery at Franciscan Physician Hospital President & CEO of Hilton Publishing, Inc. (HPC)

Explore the EMIC website and you’ll find valuable information on preventive health solutions, cutting-edge resources for gathering credible medical information and interactive tools to address some of the most prevalent health concerns today.


As more U.S. states legalize the sale, dispensing and patient use of medical marijuana and as laws continue to rapidly change and evolve, finding up-to-date trustworthy information can be a challenge. EMIC offers a solution. LEARN MORE


Staying physically active throughout a lifetime is a well-known key component to living a healthy lifestyle. And yet, today it is estimated that 2/3 of our nation’s kids and 95% of U.S adults are not getting the recommended level of regular physical activity. EMIC has a solution available that targets pregnant women and new mothers, offering fun and engaging exercises that moms can do alone and with their babies, so that exercising together becomes routine and the importance of staying active is instilled very early on in the child’s life. LEARN MORE


It is estimated today that the typical American diet exceeds the recommended intake level or limit of calories from solid fats and added sugars, refined grains, sodium and saturated fat. In addition, Americans eat less than the recommended amounts of vegetables, fruits, whole-grains, dairy products and oils known to make up a healthy, balanced diet. EMIC offers a fun educational solution that targets elementary-aged children, teaching them about gardening and nutrition and building a foundation of healthy eating habits they can continue on their own throughout a lifetime. LEARN MORE