About Us - Emic Health

Mission Statement

To provide trusted, tested and evidenced-based medical information and products that will enable people to live better, safer and longer lives.

About EMIC

EMIC – which stands for evidence-based medical information company – was founded in 2014 by Hilton Hudson, MD as a solution to bring forth credible medical information and clinically tested products to the healthcare market, with a particular focus on areas of medicine in need of new, unbiased research and innovative solutions.

Today, the leading causes of death are attributed to diseases of the heart, cancer, chronic lower respiratory diseases, cerebrovascular diseases, accidents, Alzheimer’s disease, diabetes, diseases of the kidneys, influenza and pneumonia. EMIC offers trusted, tested and evidence-based medical information and products designed to reduce deaths attributed to these common causes of death—many of which may be prevented with smarter decisions, healthier behaviors and improved knowledge.

Explore EMIC’s website and product portfolio, and you’ll uncover a broad range of products and information related to nutrition, smoking cessation, education, physical activity and other health topics that can make a positive impact on the health of individuals, improve the productivity and cost-control of corporations and support medical professionals with providing excellence in patient care.